The paragraph below is an excerpt from the Preface of the book Righteous Orientation

Some linguists now realize that all human languages, like all human genes, are riffs on the original language spoken by the original black Homo sapiens of Africa. All languages may simply be unrecognizable dialects of the original African language with the original clicks suppressed in almost all languages except a few in southern Africa. I do not believe that the English “dialect” should be the “universal” language. I believe that world Africans and others should create a new universal language that simultaneously maintains all of humanity’s approximately 6,000 dialects. The new universal language can become sufficiently robust for all humans to use it in speech and in writing. I do not attempt to do that in this work. I do, however, use modified English words for terms that could be dear to black people of consciousness. I believe that it is crude to call African people, the most genetically diverse people on the face of the earth, by a color or an insulting term whether European derived (negro, nigger, black) or Arab derived (abd, kafir, kaffa). I even have a problem with the word Africa, as it may be a Roman term. I have therefore decided to use my own English-based words in this book. Examples of such words are, Source-Ken, meaning African, Source-Eth, meaning Africa, Source-Ken World, meaning all African-looking people over the Eth (earth), and the Great-Global Source-Ken Family, meaning all seven billion (in 2011 CE) equal members of humanity. Because I create new words, I define them often throughout the text.


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